5 Ways To Turn Make Promotional Emails More Compatible With Mobile

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Mobile friendliness is key when it comes to modern digital marketing strategies because of how widely it is adopted throughout the world. When it comes to sending promotional emails, there’s a strong chance that the recipient opens them on mobiles when they are on the move. But issues with mobile compatibility can harm your digital marketing efforts because emails that don’t open properly are usually skipped and passed on – resulting in your content becoming redundant. Here are some tips for improving your mobile compatibility – or you could engage a Melbourne SEO company.

Keep The Subject Short And Simple

Keep in mind that mobiles have much smaller screens than laptops and desktops, so you need to write about subjects that read well without looking too text heavy. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure the subject line is short, concise and simple. Consider the following:

  • Consider the content of your promotional email and make sure the subject describes it.
  • Use short words and concise phrases to describe your email.
  • Use powerful words in the subject to compel readers to open the email.

Long subjects tend to get lost with readers because they simply don’t have the time or inclination when they are on the move. If you want your promotional email to resonate well with your audience, keep the article as short and on-point as possible.

Make Sure The Email Is Visually Appealing

When readers view emails on their mobile phones, they don’t want to look at text heavy, clumped or poorly formatted emails that are visually unpleasant. Consider the following to ensure you create a promotional email that is visually appealing for your audience:

  • Use single column templates with simple design and important points highlighted to create visual uniformity so it can be read by multiple people over multiple devices without any changes to the format.
  • Avoid using large images because most people may be viewing emails via mobile data where download speeds and data usage may be an issue – smaller images load faster and are easier to consume on mobile devices.
  • Choose a proper font size that is easily readable without being too big or too small for a mobile screen and make sure there is some contrast against the background screen – test it out on a mobile screen before you send an email blast to your audience.

Aesthetic appeal is just as important as your content when you create a promotional email as part of your digital marketing efforts because people tend to respond better to visual stimulation.

Make Sure Email Content Covers Key Messages Without Being Too Long

No one has the time to read long emails whether on a desktop or on a mobile. It’s even harder on a small mobile device, so it’s important that you pay close attention to what you write. Consider the following:

  • Use simple words and short sentences to keep readers engaged in a language they understand.
  • Make sure the content is punchy without being too dry, monotonous and elongated.
  • Avoid trying to over-explain your points – keep them simple and straightforward.
  • Choose just one or two messages to ensure readers get your points without getting lost.

Convenience for readers should be at the heart of the content you write. With concise content, your email is poised to get more views.

Ensure Noticeable Calls To Action

Every promotional email must have an objective, which means that you’ll want your reader to follow your call to action. To do this, the action must be noticeable and clear. Consider the following:

  • Make sure the call to action is distinct by using a different coloured font, a box or some other visual element to draw the eye towards it.
  • Write a clear call-to-action statement so the reader knows exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Make sure the call to action isn’t too long to keep the reader attentive.

The purpose of a call to action is to prompt your reader to click on the link so make sure it is noticeable and distinct.

Use Links Wisely

There is nothing wrong with using links to further explain the concepts of your promotional email. However, make sure you use them wisely by employing these ideas:

  • Avoid stacking links because it is easy to accidentally click on the wrong link when they are too close to each other which can end up being frustrating.
  • Make sure the links are relevant and add more value to your content or leave them out all together.
  • Try to use links within your website so readers are not re-directed to external pages.

Links can add tremendous value when used correctly for promotional emails.

Promotional emails can be a strong digital marketing strategy when employed using the right tactics for greater audience engagement.