Challenges & Obstacles That Criminal Lawyers in Sydney Regularly Face

police and a crime suspect

Clients who call criminal lawyers in Sydney to manage their case end up investing their livelihood in their hands.

The stakes are high and these certified trained legal specialists are empowered to deliver a verdict that a suspect or victim can celebrate.

However, the men and women working in this industry within the city continue to experience challenges and obstacles that makes their role difficult.

Some of these issues can be managed internally, but there are inherent external influences that hamper their performance.

Here we will look at what they are and how these firms can enact proactive measures to keep standards high.


Uncooperative Witnesses

So much of the direct forms of evidence that are used to influence a case derive from witnesses who are forthcoming with their testimony. Criminal lawyers in Sydney can apply pressure to these interested parties or offer incentives, but whatever techniques are utilized in these interview and interrogation settings – they need results. That could be a small tip off that points them in the direction of a key piece of evidence or someone higher up the food chain of a criminal enterprise. Should they be uncooperative and refuse to speak on the record, they will face their own form of punishment whilst providing a roadblock to progressing the case forward.


Judicial Delays and Opposition Maneuvers

The unfortunate reality for criminal lawyers in Sydney who build momentum with their case is that they cannot manage their time according to their own schedule. Even if they feel as though they have a compelling argument supported by evidence, a defence counsel can utilise loopholes and laws within the justice system to delay the process or to seek a downgraded charge under special circumstances. Every action will result in a reaction and despite the best efforts of a prosecutorial or defence team, the friction between the two benches ensures that nothing can ever be predicted. Filing court documents takes time and this frustration can halt that momentum.


Lack of Resources

Criminal lawyers in Sydney often lean on their firm for resources to undertake key research endeavours. From undertaking their own DNA testing and crime scene investigation mockups to traveling to speak to witnesses or simply being on the clock throughout evenings and weekends, these outlets have to be able to fund their solicitors to obtain assets for the courtroom. If the enterprise is modest or self run, there will be stumbling blocks that eliminates certain activities and tactics.


Dealing With Competition

The fact of the matter is the marketplace is crowded with criminal lawyers in Sydney. There are dozens upon dozens of firms situated from the CBD to the Inner West, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Eastern Suburbs and South-West corridor respectively. That capacity for a client to switch their legal representation places the imperative on the firm to make gains and uphold standards, ensuring that the solicitor is always on edge.


Pressure From Clients and The Firm

Due to this abundance of competition that is evident within the field of criminal lawyers in Sydney, the pressure to perform is omnipresent. It is inescapable for those solicitors who market themselves as an industry leader who can secure that ideal verdict, and when setbacks and challenges emerge over the course of a case, that works to only amp up the pressure, stress and anxiety on the part of the professional. Mental health obstacles do not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity, social status or income level, and operating in this tense and high-pressure environments often takes a toll on these specialists.