Discover the Top Tours of Tuscany to Explore in 2022

Discover the Top Tours of Tuscany to Explore in 2022

For centuries, Tuscany, a region at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, was well hidden from the public. The region presents precious and beautiful features that make it unique, and that is why it is branded, the Garden of Italy. Tuscany’s picturesque landscape makes it quite distinguishable from other regions. For this reason, it is considered a special destination.

When visiting Tuscany, you will be surprised at how many beautiful places there are, making it close to impossible to exhaust them all at once. Therefore, it is ideal to have a guide on the tours of Tuscany so that you can enjoy all the beautiful things the region has to offer.

Read on to find out more about these tours of Tuscany to gauge whether they are ideal for you while visiting the region.

A detailed list of the best Tours of Tuscany

Countryside wine tasting tour

Embarking on a trip to the Tuscan countryside will surely be the highlight of your tours of Tuscany. You can escape the city’s noise and activities to have a peaceful tour of the Chianti wine region. During your visit, you can sample the local wine as well as a wide range of Tuscan specialties. You can move freely between two wineries in Chianti, to maximize your wine tasting experience during your trip.

Florence tours

Tours of Tuscany

Florence is a Tuscany city presenting intriguing beauty all around. A day is not enough to take in all the beauty the city has to offer. Walking through the city to view the architectural beauty, and exploring the city’s history and art is included in the best ways to enjoy tours of Tuscany. You can get a tour guide who will take you to the most important sites, guiding you through the day for a better experience.

Medieval Tuscany tours

Your visit to Tuscan isn’t complete without exploring Medieval Tuscany. Tour the city of Siena and San Gimignano, known for the stone towers that are immersed in the Tuscan countryside. The heart of Siena presents the most striking monuments including, the Siena Cathedral, Palazzo Pubblico, Via Dei Banchi, and Campo Square. You can also experience important traditions of Siena, mainly the Palio horse race. The most significant charm is the traditional tasty Tuscan food and wines.

If you are an art lover or appreciate art, a trip to Uffizi Gallery will be a perfect way to explore and discover various masterpieces. Uffizi Gallery is one of the ancient museums in Europe offering an unmatched experience in the tours of Tuscany. The Gallery is found in a large building constructed in the 16th century and occupies the first two floors. Discover the history behind the masterpieces in the museums and the advancement of Italian art over the years.

Cinque Terre tour

If you get the most out of your Tuscany tour, visiting Cinque Terre is the best place to start. You will discover and explore five secluded villages that emerge from seaside cliffs and are linked by either path, trains, or trains. You can enjoy boat transfers to the villages or take a walk through the cobblestone streets and appreciate the closely-packed color-coded houses ascending from the coast.

Explore the spectacular white sand and clear water beaches in the region for a perfect relaxing time. You can also enjoy an Italian meal while viewing the cliffs for the best experience.


As mentioned, a day isn’t enough to exhaust all the tours of Tuscany. This is because the region presents a plethora of beautiful places and adventures to explore. Getting a tour guide will take you through your trip to experience the best things offered in Tuscany.