Factors to Consider When Choosing Paella Catering in Sydney

best Paella catering in Sydney

If you are hosting an event or party and not sure what to prepare for your guests, you can never go wrong with a paella dish. Paella is mainly a rice dish that contains chicken, saffron, and vegetables. It was originally from Valencia but is mostly associated with the Spaniards. The meal is enjoyed in various parts of the world. It is worth noting that the ingredients may vary depending on the type or geographical location.

You can surprise your guests with this Spanish, mouth-watering dish that will leave them wanting more. Getting the best Paella catering in Sydney will enable you to provide an excellent meal for your event.

Choosing Paella catering in Sydney

Choosing a paella caterer requires you to understand some basics about the ingredients used. Avoid going for caterers using cheap ingredients or shortcuts in Paella catering in Sydney. Shortcuts in paella can compromise the flavor of the final dish. Here are some questions and concerns you need to raise with your caterer.

  1. Which type of rice is used?

The best rice for paella is the traditional Spanish rice belonging to the short-grain variety. It is specially grown as low-starch rice with high absorption properties. If the company offering Paella catering in Sydney doesn’t use this type of rice, you should kindly ask them to reconsider to ensure a perfect paella experience. Some caterers use risotto rice, which is short to medium, instead of Spanish paella rice. This type is quite cheap and reduces the quality of your paella dish.

  1. Which stock is used?

A company offering Paella catering in Sydney should make their stock from fish and chicken bones or vegetables. Doing so ensures the meal is free from irritants, wholesome, and healthy. However, other caterers use booster stocks instead. These contain plenty of concentrated powders mixed with water. The booster stock often contains gluten, MSG, and other ingredients. While MSG alleviates the paella flavor, it is an unhealthy ingredient.

  1. Which chorizo is used?

The brand of chorizo also matters in delivering the original taste of paella. In this case, you should pay attention to the brand/s used to ensure high-quality taste. In Sydney, the recommended chorizo brands include Rodrigue or La Boqueria Chorizo.

  1. Saffron or turmeric powder?

If you want your guests to enjoy the true flavors of the Spanish paella, you should ensure the caterers use the right ingredients. Some caterers prefer using turmeric powder to saffron because of availability. While the two have visual similarities, they taste different. Saffron is the ideal ingredient to use for fully-flavored outcomes.

  1. How much for the catering services?
Paella in a bowl

Once you find out everything you need for the perfect paella event, you can ask the Paella catering in Sydney for the cost. Take note of the pricing and see if it corresponds with the ingredients. Another thing, you should ensure the company offers excellent services for the price. You can do so by asking about their previous catering services. The clients can attest to the quality of service provided during the event.

  1. How it works

The best paella dish is prepared on-site and served hot. This means that the caterers get to the venue before the event starts to set up everything to start preparing the dish. The meal should be served straight from the pan. Qualified caterers are best suited for this task to provide mouth-watering meals for your guests.

You don’t have to sweat the small stuff like choosing completed dishes when holding an event. With paella, your guests will thank you for thinking about them and their satisfaction. Paella is an excellent party dish that brings people together.