How a 24-Hour Doctor Service Is a Step Forward In Healthcare


The one bad thing with having a trusted GP is it you can’t access your GP in the middle of the night once the clinic has closed. To have a 24-hour doctor service available for you to access is a huge advantage, getting you on the road to recovery as soon as possible. No more needing to spend the night tossing and turning or feeling achy, now you can access a qualified GP no matter what time it is.

Whether you are old, young or somewhere in between, the 24-hour doctor service from Instant Consult, you can send a GP to your home to help cure your ailment. They will even bring with them starter packs of common medications. This will cover you until a pharmacy has opened. They will also have with them all the necessary equipment to check you out thoroughly.

This mobile service allows you some peace of mind when you or a loved one is under the weather. It is advised that you call ‘000’ if it is life threatening as this is not for emergencies. You can be guaranteed that a very caring and professional GP will arrive, and they are also trained in bedside manner helping you get the care you need when you are suffering from anxiety due to yours or your loved one’s illness. They will offer some kind and caring words ensuring you stay calm and get better quicker.


doctor taking a blood sample from a patient


When calling 24-hour doctor you will need a few details

-Name of the patient

-Address of which the GP will be attending

-Medicare number of the patient

-Phone number so you can be updated on ETA

-An email address for a confirmation email

-Description of the symptoms

-Your GP details for the report to be forwarded


The wait times for a 24-hour doctor will be roughly 2 to 3 hours. If there is a flu or other epidemic you can expect this time to be higher but rest assured you will receive an SMS with the estimated wait time and then again when the GP arrives. The one thing they ask is if you can leave a front light on so they do not trip and can find their way to your door.

Once the GP has come and seen the patient they will give you a prescription if required, they may even give you a starter pack of your medication if you require to start immediately. A report will be written and forwarded to your GP if you supplied their details at the time of the booking.

No matter how often you call a 24-hour doctor service you will be guaranteed to be bulk billed if you have Medicare. In the instance that you do not, you can easily pay for the visit via credit card. You may contact them any time from 6 p.m. weekdays, 12 p.m. Saturdays and all day Sunday and public holidays. So you can be sure that when your GP is closed you have access to professional and caring healthcare practitioners.

No matter where you live you are able to find out, using the online locator, if your area is covered by the 24-hour doctor. Unfortunately, some remote areas are not covered so you are best to check before calling.


Some of the common health issues that the GP’s treat are as follows


-Eye problems (e.g. conjunctivitis)

Migraines and acute headaches

-Asthma and acute respiratory infections

-Skin infections and rashes

Urinary tract infections


-Neck, back, and hip pain

-and many elderly ailments such as falls, urgent medication alterations, and minor respiratory issues.


No matter your ailment you can rest assure that a qualified GP can get you feeling better faster.