How To Choose The Best Custom Printed Balloons

custom printed balloons

Custom printed balloons can be used at a wide array of events. If doesn’t matter if it is an office party, child’s birthday party or something a little more unique, like a wedding vow renewal ceremony:  you need to choose carefully when it comes to selecting your party accessories. The last thing you need is several guests complaining about your choices and how they ‘ruined the party.’ If you are in the middle of organizing an event or celebration, then you’ll definitely want to know how to pick the right custom printed balloons for your event. So, what do you need to remember?


Know your style

Your accessories need to reflect the style and atmosphere you wish to create at your party. Sometimes less is more. Instead, try and keep it low-key when it comes to your inflatables. If you’re organizing a birthday party, just a simple “Happy Birthday” on the inflatables is enough. Mix it up with some different colours to create a rainbow effect.

If it’s a child’s birthday, consider printing some nice animals on the inflatables. Your custom printed balloons don’t just have to be a decoration – they can also be a toy and a distraction for the little kids!


Look for flexibility

You want inflatables that are flexible; meaning a wide range of things can be stamped onto them. Look for products that are 100% latex. The industry standard is generally 28cm (11”), which makes them suitable for decorating. They can also be filled with regular air.

Make sure you are on the lookout for a provider that can fulfill your needs. You want the business that can stamp your image, no matter how complicated it may be.


Look for an extensive colour range

different colored balloons

Furthermore, you want to be looking for a provider that lists the widest range of colours and themes. More available options mean you have a greater chance of finding the best custom printed balloons for your function.


Look for the best quality

You also want to ensure that your custom printed balloons are the best on the market. Look for providers that use the “impress” method, as this is often considered the most durable method. This method ensures that the image remains on the surface of the inflatable and won’t crack, peel or rub off quickly!


Look for environmental sustainability

As a consumer, you want to ensure that your carbon footprint is minimized. The materials used to make inflatables are often unfriendly and harmful to the environment. Instead, look for businesses that provide environmentally friendly inflatables. Some will even provide products that are made from 100% biodegradable latex!


Know the reason you want them

There’s no point ordering a delivery of custom printed balloons if you don’t need them or see them as unnecessary. Having said this, your chosen inflatables can be used to brighten your event. From a corporate perspective, having high quality inflatables can help build brand awareness. Forget about birthday parties and social events, your custom printed balloons can actually become a marketing tool! Put simply, the more awareness your brand receives, the more likely it is to gain traction and word of mouth. Build your public portfolio by hosting corporate events that display your logo on inflatables.

On top of this, your custom printed balloons can help build a carefree and positive atmosphere. If you’re hosting a generic corporate party, the overall environment can be pretty monotonous. Instead, spark up the festivities with some bright and colourful inflatables. If you’re trying to establish business connections, you want everyone to feel at ease and relaxed. Some nifty party props should do the trick!