How to Organise Engagement Party Invitations


If you’re reading this because you’re getting married, congratulations! Sorting out engagement party invitations is considered to be one of the necessary first steps in the process of organising a wedding. The pre-wedding event is a great way to celebrate the big news with your friends and family. They’re also generally more low-key than the actual wedding, so you can take it easy and enjoy a more casual gathering.


Here’s a checklist of 5 things to do when organising engagement party invitations:


1.      Plan the event

Before you even think about whether your engagement party invitations are going to be art deco themed or tropical themed, you’ll want to have an idea of what the actual event is going to be like. This means deciding on several things:

  • Who you’re going to request: Figuring out who to bring along is essential for determining a budget and how many cards you’re going to send. Usually more pleasant events have fewer attendees than a wedding would, as it is easier to manage – a good aim is around 35 people.
  • What kind of theme you want: Choosing a theme will help you decide on a style for your engagement party invitations. You’ll find an abundance of inspiring ideas online, from boho to Hello Kitty.
  • What location you’re hosting the event at: This is key information for your cards so make sure you’ve sorted it out before you get printing.
  • Whether your guests will have to pay anything: Determine whether or not you’ll be paying for food or if you’d like your guests to chip in. This way you can include pricing on your cards.
  • The date of the event: Deciding what day your event will be held on is crucial information that your guests will thank you for.


2.      Budget for the cards

Once your event has been planned, you can determine a budget for your engagement party invitations. Getting married can be a costly exercise so it’s important to work out your costs for each aspect of the occasion. Depending on the business you choose, or whether you go DIY (as well as how many people you’re requesting), the cards could cost you anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.


3.      Choose your style of engagement party invitations

Eye-catching, attractive cards will not only encourage your guests to show them off on their fridge or office desk, but will be a keepsake that you can store away for years to come. There are a range of different styles available online; current trends include rustic, garden, barn, vintage, neutral, watercolour, boho and tropical themes. Of course, choose a theme that matches your personality and interests as you will likely enjoy them more.

You can also get creative and use quirky materials such as lace and yarn to help make your cards stand out. Photos can also add a nice, personalised touch.


4.      Decide on a message

A concise message is a strong message – keep it short and sweet and include only the details that are necessary (although, you can always add a little personalized extra if you’d like). People are busy but they also want to feel appreciated. Some things to include in your message are:

  • Address: State the name(s) of the person/couple that you are addressing as well as who the message is from
  • Occasion: Note what the occasion is
  • Dress code: Let guests know if there will be a dress code (such as casual, cocktail or formal)
  • Date and time: State the date and time of the event
  • Location: Include the location of the event
  • Costs/gifts: Let your guests know whether or not you expect them to pay any money or give any gifts. Generally, gifts are given at the bridal shower or wedding, though it depends on the context. Let people know if you don’t want them to bring a gift.
  • Contact details: Include a phone number or email address that your guests can contact you on
  • RSVP date: List a RSVP date if you have one


5.      Get them printed!

You can do this yourself or you can enlist the help of an engagement party invitations business. Such a business will have a range of different printing, paper and envelope options for you to choose from, so do your research first. Once you’ve chosen your print method, make sure you give yourself enough time to get the cards printed – some companies may take up to a week to deliver them. Make your payment, place your order and wait for them to be delivered to your door! Once you’ve received them, you’re free to send them out and take a keepsake for yourself.



Pop the champagne and enjoy the process of creating your own unique engagement party invitations that will last a lifetime.