Moving And Shaking the Share Market In Australia Today

share market in Australia today

Despite the shutdown caused by the global pandemic, the share market in Australia today not only survives but is still strong and vital with overnight fortunes or the steadiest of gains always a possibility. When an Australian designs wifi, or finds a cure for certain types of cancer, or re-opens an abandoned mine to phenomenal success, this is big news for the share market in Australia today. And if you are a stock market punter with the right advice and a little bit of capital, you still stand to make a healthy windfall on the Australian Securities Exchange or the Nasdaq.

The share market in Australia today is in the top list of the 15 highest-ranking countries and has a yearly turnover of around A$1.6 trillion, but what are the types of shares that can make an ordinary individual into a multi-millionaire. Here are some of the main movers and shakers on the share market in Australia today:

The Mining and Resources Sector

Mining and resources have always been one of the biggest, if not the biggest player on the share market in Australia today and in decades gone by. Think about the huge blue-chip companies which export coal and other precious resources world-wide. The consumerist world will always need fuels to power their homes and industries and businesses, always require precious metals and minerals to manufacture their products and technology; and will always rely on Australia to supply much of the global economy. So, if you are aware of a new mining venture or start-up being floated on the ASX, take a closer look, do your research and you might have a winner to invest in.

New Technologies

Although not anywhere near Silicon Valley in the USA, Australian designers of technology either digital or hardwired or both, have known success in recent years. Technology like wifi or applications like MYOB were created by Australians and floated on the share market in Australia today and in the past few years to great success.

Technologies in the medical industry are also a specialist case of successful share investments with recent advances in medical imaging only recently being reported in Australia created by Australians. The intersection of the medical industry with the technological industry is a major mover on the share market in Australia today.

The Health Industry

Being a sporting nation fanatical about health and nutrition makes shares in health start-up brands a viable way of making a windfall on the share market in Australia today. These start-ups have personalities that are powered by social media and advertising campaigns that gather million plus followings world-wide and guarantee the sale of products from energy drinks, to clothing apparel, to fitness equipment. If you can find the right personality who seems to be rising and you jump might be able to jump on their coattails through buying shares on the ASX and ride all the way to the top.

Blue Chip and Century-old Brands are Always a Safe but Slow Bet

The above recommendations for the types of investments to make on the share market in Australia today are for those wanting quick and large returns. The other viable option, if you have the capital, is to invest in the steady, gigantic Blue-Chip companies which always guarantee a steady return through dividends and franking and bonuses. These companies always seem to weather economic storms or global catastrophes because their products have become mainstays in civilisation and their brand names have become embedded in our consciousnesses.

The share market in Australia today is alive and getting stronger again despite world catastrophes and although not as lucrative as before the pandemic, is predicted to recover fully in the near future. If you like to take a chance on stocks and trading, or you have patience and capital, why don’t you try investing in the share market in Australia today?