Why Do I Need A Family Dentist?

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Your family dentist has probably told you that microorganisms breed and thrive in the mouth. Thanks to the warmth and moistness, added with the abundance of food particles, the mouth is an ideal place for the growth of microbes. 

This infestation brings about dental complications. A good percentage of the world’s population suffers from one form of dental illness or the other. A regular check-up with a professional is required to avoid this. Appointments with dental practitioners are usually challenging when you need one. That is because they are generally booked weeks in advance. That is where the provision of a trusted dentist in Maryborough QLD comes in.

Who Is A Family Dentist?

As the name suggests, a family dentist takes care of your household oral needs. Adults and children have different dental needs, and the dentist is there to cater to them all.

Benefits Of Having A Family Dentist

There are some perks to having a family dentist, and we will list them below:

  1. Periodical cleaning and exams

When you have a dental practitioner for your household dental appointments, it allows you to come for periodical check-ups to monitor your dental hygiene.

The check-up and cleaning could be quarterly or bi-annually, depending on your preference. Although most dental practitioners require their patients to come in twice a year, some need more frequent care.

  1. Checks and fillings

In most dental clinics, the dental practitioner will only treat you for your present issue. If you don’t complain about a problem, they won’t search for one.

That entails that if you have any underlying oral issues that need further examination, neither you nor the dental practitioner will bother about it since you didn’t bring it up.

Don’t take this as dental negligence. It is only because their schedules are usually packed. Each patient needs to be attended to at their duly appointed time.

But with a family dentist, the case is different. He will provide you with every exam to identify possible oral abnormalities.

  1. Appointment booking

Booking an appointment with a general dental practitioner is relatively more complicated.

When booking with a general practitioner, he would schedule a date suitable to him. This appointment could be for weeks due to their tight schedule. 

But with a family dentist, it’s a different scenario. The appointment is made after your last exam, eliminating the stress of booking a new one later.

Once you open a record at a dental clinic with a family plan, whoever you enlist as a member will be scheduled alongside you during your appointments.

There would be no reason to reschedule unless it’s a case needing a specialist, times like that, a referral letter is issued to you to a specialist clinic.

But asides from that, the stress of making appointments to fit in an entire household, especially a large one, is avoided.

Many people underrate the need to have excellent dental hygiene, but microorganisms easily invade the mouth. Dental practitioners are there to prevent some organisms which may be harmful from causing permanent damage to your teeth.

A dentist must provide patients with reasonable care to maintain excellent oral hygiene. That care is doubled with a family dentist since you’ll be treated less like a patient and more like family.