Key Points To Remember When You See A Laser Cutter For Sale

laser cutter for sale

Are you in the market for a laser cutter? Found one on sale that you think meets your needs? Here are some key points to consider when purchasing a laser cutter.


Laser cutters for sale come in a wide range of prices, from a couple of hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. There are many things to consider when trying to get the best value for your buck but be sure to choose a price range that suits you, and then factor in these other features to try and maximise your value.


Price generally relates to speed. And with this in mind, you need to work out whether the time is a factor for you. If you are a small home hobbyist then speed is probably not so much of a factor as opposed to if you are looking at using your laser cutter for commercial purposes. Time is money in any business, so consider the dollar value of your time, and the volume of your output before making any purchase.


The speed of your laser cutter is going to be directly related to the wattage. Again, if time and speed are a factor for you, try and purchase the highest wattage you can when you are looking at laser cutters for sale. A higher wattage cutter will also avail a wider range of materials that you can use for your projects or business clients.

Bed Size

This is the surface area you have to place the item you want to work with your laser cutter. A small bed size will limit you to smaller, ornamental items whilst a larger bed will enable you to tackle a wider range of projects and materials.


The higher the wattage and more powerful the laser cutter, the higher your maintenance costs are going to be. When looking at laser cutters for sale, it is worth remembering that there is more to consider than just the original outlay cost. Be sure to buy a laser cutter that you are going to be able to maintain over the long term. Mirrors and lenses will also need cleaning as well as occasional replacement. Always ensure the laser cutter you purchase comes with plenty of spares or is attached to a company that has them readily available.


Be sure that the software that comes with your laser cutter is compatible with your device. And try a take a demonstration of it before you make a purchase to see whether it is practical and user friendly.


Unless you want lingering odours and to be constantly cleaning filters, along with putting up with the constant noise, it is best to vent your laser cutter out of a window or into a pre-existing ventilation system. With that in mind you will have to consider the space you have to locate your laser cutter before making your purchase.


Whilst laser cutters are enclosed in metal casing, they do run very hot and are used to cut highly flammable products. Give consideration to this when considering a place for your laser cutter and be sure that the space is fitted out with fire extinguishers and other associated fire-fighting equipment.

These are just a few of the points to consider when looking at laser cutters for sale. Laser cutters are highly versatile and can be great fun for hobbyists or can add an extra revenue stream to your business. Hopefully this advice has helped as you search through the vast range of laser cutters for sale.