Investment in stocks

If you got enough money in your bank account, it’s time you begin taking your steps towards investments. For beginners, it’s always confusing – because there are so many options available out there. One of the best options is starting to invest in share markets. But again, there are a lot of apprehensions. We’ve compiled a few things you can consider before investing in shares:

Get rid of the fear:
You must have had a lot of people advice you to start investing in shares. You must have seen a lot of them reaping benefits of the amounts they invested in stock market, and you must have also come across a lot who failed miserably in the share market. And even if you’re paranoid about stepping into the field, you need to get over it. You have to understand that investing in shares can work wonders for you. So brush away that fear.

Start small:
 You need to keep one simple thing in your head – you have not to invest every dime and penny you’ve earned in the shares! You can start investing small sums in the beginning until you get the hang of how the share market functions.  Investing everything in stocks is foolishness. Starting small will give you ample scope to start analyzing the market and taking smart, informed decisions. It’s just a matter of a few months or a year, once you get the hang of it, you’re set to go!

Simple rule:
When the market is down, purchase more number of shares. When the market is high, purchase a few shares. This rule will fetch you more returns. You will have more number of low priced shares in hand, and when the market surges, you make a tremendous amount of profit. But for this, you should also know which stocks to purchase. It’s not a hit and miss case here, if you miss, you may end up losing a lot.


Research well:
You may have opted for the services of an agency to take care of your portfolio, but it is essential that you know the market well too. No one is born with the knowledge of the share market – you have read newspapers, finance magazines and blogs to get to know the in and out of stock markets. There are many finance gurus out there, who have penned books on this topic – read them. You will get tips which you may not get otherwise.

The share market is just like a game – you emerge victorious when you get the knick-knacks of it! So don’t hesitate – get started!